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So much more than just notes!

There are few things students like to do less than take notes.  Especially when they are done poorly and with no evident purpose.  And shame on us, the educators, for making it so.

Notes can be fun, engaging and yes, interactive.  Especially when we move the way we take notes into the 21st Century.  Our students, by and large, are digitally engaged.  Why fight it?  We can do so much more than getting out a piece of paper and something to write with as a solution to having students engage with the materiel.

Over the years I tried several alternatives to pencil and paper notes: from blogs, to wikis, to websites and had yet to find something that is intuitive, has few limitations and that students can access through a variety of learning styles.  Then I was shown Microsoft’s OneNote.  Quite simply it changed how I worked, and is now changing how my students work.

In this blog I will be documenting the advantages of what I call DINO – Digital Interactive Notebook in OneNote.  My DINO system can be set up easily, expanded with out limit and will broaden your teaching effectiveness from the get-go.

Keep checking in to go through the set-up, expansion, evaluation and optional tricks and tips sections as they become available.  There is always more to DINO, so please do not hesitate to inquire further.

All the best,