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Why is OneNote so Great?

So I was sitting around the other day trying to figure out how to share, effectively, concisely, poignantly and  “ly” I can think of why I like OneNote so much.  Is it the innate organizational abilities in it?  Yes.  Is it the ability to sync, share and collaborate?  Of Course! Is it that it helps students be organized?  Duh!  But what about all the cool features it has?  Could that be a way to hook people?  It might.  So I sat down to try and outline them when I came across an article by a gentleman named Thomas Maurer and an article he wrote called “This is Why OneNote is Awesome” and he nailed it on the head.  He goes on to list some of (around 53!!!) OneNote’s helpful features.  As far as I can tell he hit all of the ones that make me giddy, except that you can publish your notes directly to a blog, with the math and academic add-on’s you can do even more in class, and that you can create custom templates.  (More on those things in a later post…)

Anyway, I highly recommend that you skim his article.  I’ll be covering a lot of the topics he mentions in the future as they relate to classroom usage, and more in depth coverage will be available elsewhere through this site at a later date but for now read, enjoy and be amazed!  We’ll bring all of this to your classroom together.

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