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HIS Tech Bytes – 18 January, 2018

This is a newsletter I have been putting out every other week for the staff at Harare International School in Zimbabwe.  I figured I might as well share it with the world at large.  I hope you enjoy it!

techbytes header3 Your bi-weekly peek into the tech world, because tech doesn’t bite, but not being informed does!
tech t & t Tech Tips and Tricks

Here you will find helpful tips, tech tricks or new resources you can use in your classroom.  Please feel free to submit any you would like to have shared to the staff or a request for a feature to

The Answer to Questions Students Ask


Tired of students asking annoying questions that they could easily look up themselves?  Pass along a little “How to” with some visual sarcasm thrown in. Let’s you type in their question and then gives you a link that visually shows them how to do it for themselves.  Quite funny and makes the point.  Here is an example from Kate R. – thanks for this!
Make a Dozen Cool Learning Tools From a Single Spreadsheet!


Flippity – Turns Google Sheets into flashcards, Quiz Shows, Random Name Picker, Memory Games, Word Puzzles and more. It is a simple add-on from Google. That takes your spreadsheet of data and generates all of those powerful learning tools.  If you are interested, but not sure where to start drop me a line and we’ll make a plan.
News icon What’s Making News

Here are some articles related to technology in education.  Each article is linked to the original story in case you wish to dig deeper.  Enjoy!

How Technology is Shaping the Future of Education
cropped-apple-logo4 In this article in Business Insider I was hooked by the line: “Even with technology being used in more and more classrooms, teachers will be as important as ever.”  This article looks critically at several aspects of the increasing use of technology in the classroom and how it is shaping not only what we teach, but how.
Hey, This is Getting Personal!  And That is a Good Thing!
666252_users_512x512 This article, originally titled Personalized learning gives students a sense of control over chaotic lives.  Looks at several school who had struggling students under their old curriculum system.  However, with the incorporation of Blended Learning, and then taking it further and personalizing it for individual students they achieved that panacea of education – student buy-in.

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