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HIS Tech Bytes – 1 February, 2018

 techbytes header3 Your bi-weekly peek into the tech world, because tech doesn’t bite, but not being informed does!
tech t & t Tech Tips and Tricks

Here you will find helpful tips, tech tricks or new resources you can use in your classroom.  Please feel free to submit any you would like to have shared to the staff or a request for a feature to

Gotta’ Dash – Don’t Look at My Cache!
 zzz Do you have those times you need to step away from your computer but it is in a public place where you don’t want people to see what is on your screen?  There are two options that will keep people out of your machine.  The first is “sleep”, get this quickly with Control–Shift–Power button, the second is to “lock” by Cmd-alt-Power…or simply close the lid,  🙂
Newsela Pro Keeps on Giving


In the Pro version of this great resource you can track student progress, reading level, skills assessment and so much more.  In addition you can assign articles based on skills students need, assist them in challenging themselves by adjusting Lexile levels, give them the chance to re-do assignments and more.  Need a reintroduction or a refresher to Newsela?  Call your friendly tech integrationist!
News icon What’s Making News

Here are some articles related to technology in education.  Each article is linked to the original story in case you wish to dig deeper.  Enjoy!

Google Cultural Institute – Take the Time to Check This Out!
Google Culture.png I can’t even begin to tell you how cool this site is!  You can visit cultural heritage sites, museums, artistic collections, historical figures, significant events and more.  All come with primary source information, hi-res photos, some have virtual tours and so much more.  By way of example check out the photo series of African Kings, take a virtual tour of the Guggenheim in Bilbao or learn more about Mahatma Gandhi (one of over 6500 people in the database).  There is so much here! – please take a few minutes to check it out.
Can Technology Really Level the Playing Ground?
 Ghana flag At the recent Education World Forum the Education minister of Ghana, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh contended that: “Technology is a leveller for the divide between the poor and rich”.  At this meeting of more than 100 ministers and industry leader everyone seemed to echo this sentiment.  Is this realistic?  Read the article and decide for yourself.

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