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Missing My Notebook

sad for onenoteAs a followup to a recent tweet about OneNote, I just wanted to say: I miss you Notebook Creator! 

What brought this on?  The short version?  I moved.  Moved to a school that is a Google Apps For Education school.  That, and as I have been going through the ISTE presentations – goodness there are a lot! – I have seen many for OneNote.

The thing is, I could easily, and happily, present on the benefits of OneNote for the classroom.  I would love to be sharing this knowledge here at home as well.  I truly have not found any tech tool as versatile and useful for my classroom.   Having lost it as a tool, and moved to a school that has a slight anti-Microsoft taint, has been really hard.

I have also found that a lot of folks don’t know that all of the Office suite can now function just like a Google Doc – online and shareable.  The don’t know how much more versatile OneDrive is compared to Google Drive and how Classroom Notebook Creator works.  What they do know is that Office for Education costs, and costs big.  It would be nice if Microsoft took a clue from Google in this regard.

And while the Google stuff works well, especially for the little ones, when it comes to the older students and staff I feel Office is the way to go.  Ideally, as in my last school, you would run both, thus exposing students to more choice.  Empowering students to try new ways of doing the same old thing is key in student engagement.  Who wants to use the same old Slide when you could try it in a new style, or Sway or Prezi?

So if you are at ISTE I’ll be the guy walking slowly past the OneNote presentations, a small tear running down my cheek as a long sigh escapes my lips.  Who knows, perhaps they’ll be selling those cool purple t-shirts?

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