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I have been fortunate enough to be in the classroom for 17 years, and each year I have had the opportunity to use technology.  Granted, in my first teaching job that was the use of the photocopier down at the local camera shop, but things have steadily gone up from there.  I was hired to be a technology integration specialist at Harare International School (HIS) in Zimbabwe.  I must say, I love this job!  I get to be in classes from K – 12 teaching students, helping teachers and managing a variety of behind-the-scenes applications and systems.

It is this opportunity that has prompted me to reach out to the web and share what I love to do and hopefully get feedback and input so that I can learn from others.  You’ll notice that there are some specific sections to this site that pertain to areas I am particularly passionate about, please feel free to explore and agree/disagree or contribute.

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It is my hope that this site can become a place for others to explore the use of digital notebooks, lessons, suggestions and constructive insights.  Please contribute any questions, comments, suggestions and the like.  I do not profess to be an expert in any field or in any technology and I believe we can all learn from each other.  If you have specific questions not related to a post please feel free to post them in the general comments section or contact me directly through the form below.

As for my background I have a BA in History from Colorado State. After receiving my degree I joined the Peace Corps where I taught EFL for two years. In the process I met my future wife, another volunteer, and we returned to Colorado where I returned to university to get my teaching certificate. Upon receipt of my certificate we decided that we would like to move back overseas. This time we entered the American Schools international school system. After much searching we landed in Mexico City at the American School Foundation A.C. (ASF). We stayed there for three years and thoroughly enjoyed living in the worlds largest city. Deciding that we needed to move on we again went on the hunt for a school and landed at the American International School – Riyadh (AIS-R). After seven years we felt it was time for a change of venue.  We realized that our children had no real concept of what life was like in the States.  So, we returned to Colorado where  I took a position at Boltz Middle School in Fort Collins as computer teacher and then an 8th grade US History teacher.  Throughout my teaching career I have piloted and implemented new technologies in the classroom.  Along the way I have picked up a Masters in Education and a Graduate Certificate in eLearning and Online Education.

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