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15 February, 2018-HIS Tech Bytes

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Your bi-weekly peek into the tech world, because tech doesn’t bite, but not being informed does!

tech t & t Tech Tips and Tricks

Here you will find helpful tips, tech tricks or new resources you can use in your classroom.  Please feel free to submit any you would like to have shared to the staff or a request for a feature to

Print a Google Doc with Comments and Annotations
doc Thank you to Kuda for finding this very helpful extension for Google Chrome and Google Docs.  If you are in Chrome and commenting on student work it is not normally possible to print a Doc with comments.  However, with this app added to Chrome you can.  Sorry Safari users, one more reason to switch to Chrome I guess. 🙂
Force Users to Make a Copy of a Google Doc

Yes again!

Do you have a Doc/Slide/Sheet you want students to have their own copy of?  Forcing them to make a copy (so they don’t mess up yours) is SUPER easy.  When you copy the URL of the doc replace the word “edit” with “copy” (without the “” marks).  When they click the link it forces them to make a copy and then sticks it in their Google Drive.
News icon What’s Making News

Here are some articles related to technology in education.  Each article is linked to the original story in case you wish to dig deeper.  Enjoy!

sd.png According to a three year long study from the International Journal of Science Education using web-based tools (click here for some examples) in science classes help increase science-based knowledge in all students, and particularly so in underachieving students.   Additionally, for students who are normally marginalized in science, kids with learning disabilities and ESL learners  improvements were quite significant.  An excellent summary of the study can be read at Science Daily.
Education Spending in Technology
 ed money They spent $1.2 billion investing in EdTech companies and that is expected to grow by 20% annually, or there are these guys whos families spend $70,939/year per kid and this country teaches coding starting in elementary.  Who are these global leaders?  Respectively, China, Singapore and Malaysia.  The article Education technology is a global opportunity looks at not only spending, but where the greatest area of growth in education is.  Can you guess where?